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Choose Pivitel for your next IT Project

Whether it is a building infrastructure or just extending the life of your existing infrastructure, we can help.

Project Management

Want to move to IT Phones; how do we go about that? Thinking about moving to the cloud; what are my options? Need professional help with implemeting a new piece of software; and where do I start? We can help. It's what we do!

Transition to the Cloud

Looking to get rid of that old server at the office and move your precious data to a cloud offering such as Office365, Google, or Dropbox? We are your answer! We have extensive experience in many of the popular options.

Professional Support Across the Board

Pivitel has a broad knowledge of IT processes and packaged solutions. From basic desktop management, to server configuraton, to data replication and redundancy. To virtualization, IT Phone infrastructure configuration, and Office 365 transition and management. We can handle it.

Awesome Results

We realize that every company is unique. Pivitel takes the time to research, understand, and work to create solutions that make sense based on the individual requirements of each company.

Latest Industry News

Just Some Little Blurbs We Find Interesting

  • Date : 21 February 2018

    Tesla Hackers

    Hackers hijacked Tesla's public cloud to mine cryptocurrency

  • Date : 7 February 2018

    Google Docs Update

    Google Drive working better with Microsoft Office files.

  • Date : 8 January 2018

    Processor Vunerabilities

    Spectre and Meltdown: Popular processors are vulnerable to data leaks

  • Date : 28 November 2017

    The Future of the Web?

    Beaker Browser and the dat Project are looking to change the way we use the Web.

  • Date : 15 November 2017

    Office 365 Services

    Quick guide for Office 365 services

  • Date : 14 June 2018

    Privacy or Convenience

    Are the personal assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home worth the risk?

Our Stats

At Pivitel we like to give back. When we come across computers that clients want to abandon, we take some of our personal time to rebuild and donate the computers to a variety of charities in the Valley.

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